Bohemian Bistro

BISTRO with unique ambience in the heart of Prague



Soup of the day

85 Kč

Croque Monsieur, small salad

165 Kč

Sandwich with tuna, eggs, citrus mayonnaise, spring onion, small salad

185 Kč

Shakshuka - baked vegetables with fried eggs and coriander

195 Kč

Bohemian Burger, grenaille and small salad

255 Kč

Beef Flank steak, grenaille, broccoli, spinach, portobello

345 Kč

Roasted mashrooms with chickpeas, green beans, pearl onions, potatoes and herbal dressing

245 Kč

Salad made from green lettuce, fresh vegetables, avocado

    • smoked salmon, poached egg

255 Kč

    • with chicken supreme

265 Kč


Bread based on a daily offer

85 Kč

Quiche lorraine daily offer, with small salad

95 Kč



Scrambled eggs with small salad, bread

135 Kč

Omelette with ham or cheese, bread

155 Kč

Ham and eggs with Prague ham, bread

155 Kč

Egg Benedict with smoked salmon, spinach, brioche

245 Kč

English breakfast – fried eggs, bacon, sausages, beans, mushrooms, toast

245 Kč

Pancakes with fresh fruits, sour cream and maple syrup

145 Kč

Vanilla rice with cardamon, almond and fresh fruits

85 Kč

Yoghurt with baked müsli

75 Kč

Yoghurt with quinoa, blueberries

95 Kč


45 Kč



Homemade ice tea 0,4 l 

70 Kč

Our lemonade 0,4 l

70 Kč

Smoothie 0,3 l

95 Kč

Fresh juice 0,3 l

95 Kč

San Benedetto - (Non sparkling) 0,5 l

55 Kč

Perier - (Sparkling) 0,5 l

80 Kč

Vitell - (Non sparkling) 0,75 l 

80 Kč

Bohemsca - (Elderflower, Lime, Thyme, Cucumber, Mint) 0,33 l

55 Kč

Zen - (Raspberry, Sea Buckthorn, Aronie, Garnet Roibos) 0,3 l

55 Kč


Hendrych - Bohemian Lager 4,7%  0,33 l 

65 Kč

Pilsner Urquell - Lager 5% 0,33 l 

75 Kč


Neuburg white, Kabinett, Sedlák 0,15 l

95 Kč

Frankovka rosé, Semidry, Sedlák 0,15 l

95 Kč

Frankovka red, late harvest, Sedlák 0,15 l

105 Kč

Grüner Veltliner, Langelois, Bründlmayer 0,15 l

135 Kč


Baron Hildprandt (matured pear or raspberry) 0,04 l

135 Kč

Aperol Spritz 0,3 l

135 Kč

Gin Tonic Fentimans - (Cucumber or lemon) 0,275 l

135 Kč

Prosecco - (Scavy & Rey) 0,2 I

90 Kč

Veuve Clicquot - (Champagne) 0,2 I

495 Kč

Winka - (Raspberry, Wein) 0,33 l

60 Kč

Fermentada Lemon Ape 0,33 l

55 Kč



55 Kč

Double Espresso

75 Kč


75 Kč

Espresso Macchiato

65 Kč


80 Kč

Café Latte

85 Kč

Flat White

90 Kč

more warm up drinks

Hot chocolate with cream

75 Kč

Chai latté

75 Kč

fine tea sections

Ronnefeldt tea - according to the offer

75 Kč

Fresh ginger - mint tea with honey

75 Kč


Sweets based on a daily offer


Menu No.1

Cauliflower soup with herbal oil

Slowly roasted duck thigh, potatoes Grenaille, mesclun salad

395 Kč

Menu No.2

Pumpkin soup with coconut milk, pears, pickled ginger

Quiche based on daily offer (goat cheese, Prague ham), leaf spinach, radish

365 Kč

Menu No.3

Barley risotto with mushrooms, parmesan, herbs

Grilled salmon, broccoli, carrot, mashed potatoes

Paris brest, salty caramel, nuts

565 Kč

Menu No.4

Smoked potato soup, champignon, herbs

Chicken supreme, grilled vegetable, chicken jus

Apple strudel, whipped cream

595 Kč

Menu No.5

Beef chuck pepper carpaccio, arugula, olive oil, parmesan

Grilled prawns, tomatoes, tagliolini


675 Kč

Group Menu is available for minimum 10 guests, prior order is required

Bistro WITH UNIQUE ambience

Dear guests we have to inform you that on tuesday 29th October from 2 PM the Bohemian Bistro will be closed due to technical reasons.

The Bohemian Bistro originate of our desire to venture into the unknown and create something new and unique in the heart of Prague’s Mala Strana. Our aim was to design a meeting place by the Charles Bridge where both locals and tourists could come and enjoy delicious home-made meals, drinks and happy vibes.

We offer mouth-watering and eye-pleasing food for reasonable prices in the very heart of the beautiful Kampa park and square. Our light and fresh meals, snacks and desserts make you want to come back for more. We hope you will enjoy your time here. See you soon in Bohemian Bistro!